Unhurried Town of Mediterranean, Kas

I wish we visit Kas again

Sit on a rock

Look at the trees admirably

I wish suddenly, one night we take the road

Solve something

Kas would be different

Kas would be quite different

Then at that time a rock

Exactly a rock

Ok ok ok

Yuzyuzeyken Konusuruz, Lyrics of Kas

Kas is the place where is come by every free spirits who run away from chaos of big cities. They are right! Its charm comes from its unhurried ambience.

Kas, Antalya

But everyone must be thinking as so, in recent times, its popularity has increased considerably. Kas-lovers are a bit worried about it. They don’t want lose its calmness. More worrying is the airport project. One of the selected airports for the 3rd airport, which is thought to be built in Antalya, is here. It means that crowd of people, lands opened reconstruction, and increasing rents…I’m not even talking about nature damage.

Let it is difficult to reach, let it has no airport around and let a cafe in Istanbul is not here. We love Kas like this.

kaş limanı

Kas, once fishing village, is now a relatively unspoiled tourist town on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast two hours’ drive from Fethiye.

If you say that you come Kas and you want to see Fethiye, you can check Fethiye Travel Guide.

Patara Beach

patara plajı

Patara is a vast coastal strip (15 Km) where Caretta Carettas lay their eggs. The ovulation areas are specified by warning signs, so it is forbidden to install umbrellas here. But, you can hire them. The rental fee for umbrella and sun beds is 5 TL for each.

patara way
patara sunset

There are cafe for eating and drinking. The beach is closed after sunset from May to October. I would like to add that the sunsets in Patara are also recommended activities.

patara antik kenti

The Patara Ancient City, which started on the road you entered for the beach, merges with the famous Patara beach at the end of the road. Patara, one of the most important cities of Lycia, even became the capital of Lycia at the time. The remains of the ancient city are beginning to surrounds you on the way to the beach.

You can enter free with museum card. If you do not have it, you need to pay 7.5 TL for the beach and 7.5 TL for the ancient city.

Patara which is 45 km away from Kas, must be added to Kas travel lists. If you are coming via Oludeniz like us, it is possible to see this beach just before you arrive to Kas on the way.



From harbor, the view of the old Greek houses filled with flowers is so pretty. You should give a break on the road and explore the small streets of Kalkan.

Kaputas Beach

kaputaş, gözde
kaputaş melih
kaputas beach

Kaputas is one of the most beautiful beaches of Turkey and of the world -my favorite one. You can hire umbrella and sunbed 5 TL for each.


Before you go to Kas, you can stop by and enjoy the sea. Kaputas is 19 km away from Kas and there is a public beach and no facilities. For this reason, if you spend your lunch there, you should get something to eat. We hope that nobody will not touch and Kaputas remains intact.


kaş bazaar
kaş çarşı
kaş biz

The first thing you need to discover in Kas is the central area around the harbor and the nearby Uzun Bazaar. Historic houses, colorful flowers and begonvillers, lively souvenirs, restaurants, greenish gardens impress you as soon as you stepped in Kas.

kaş gece

One of the things that makes Kas beautiful is that night life here is calmer compared to other holiday towns. There are not hangouts like disco, club. But until morning, there is a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

kücük çakıl

The Kucuk Cakıl Beach (translating to Small Pebbles Beach) is, like its name suggests, a small beach with pebbles instead of sand but its sea is always cool and is a ten minute walk from the city center.

büyük çakıl
büyük çakıl

A bit of an arduous twenty minute walk will get you to Buyuk Cakıl Beach (Big Pebbles Beach), the larger version of the pebbled beach with a forested area surrounding the entrance into the clear waters.


A 10-15 minute boat ride from the harbor, Limanagzı is an enclosed bay. It is 20 TL and the sun bed and umbrella are included.


Also, you can prefer Hidayet Bay to swim and sunbathe.

Things to Do in Kas

kas boat tour
boat tour gozde

You should definitely do boat tour which you can do with one of the agents in the center, you can see the sunken city of Kekova and the ancient city of Simena and swim in different bays close to Kas.

The first stop is Akvaryum (Aquarium) Bay that has clear water like glass. Next stop is Tersane Bay that you can swim among sunken city remains. Don’t forget take your snorkels.


After Tersane Bay, the direction is Kekova Sunken City. At this point the boat is going very slowly and you will be able to examine every detail while your guide is telling Kekova and ancient remains.

simena melih

Following Pirate Cave, Gokkaya Bay and Burc Bay, it reaches to Simena Ancient City. There is no access to Simena except for the sea route, because the vehicle route is covered by the scope of the archelogical site and Simena is under protection. Sea route is so important for Simena, especially for kids. They go to school by the boat.

simena kalesi

On the highest point of Simena village you can climb up castle that has beautiful panoramic view. It is free for museum card or you can pay 10 TL.

Besides, you can go to Kekova to do sea-kayaking.


Kas is perfect for the diver who wants to explore the underwater. Kas has unique underwater formations. You can do both sunken, wall and cave dives. If you have no training at all, you can take part in discovery tours up to 5 meters.

There are many impressive sea caverns around Kas which are accessible through diving. These include: Kekova Island, Asirli Island, Guvercin Inn, and Mavi Cavern, which is the most famous.


Paragliding is the way to watch Kas and gorgeous beauty of Cukurbag Peninsula from above.

We already did it in Fethiye before we came to Kas. You can read our post –Paragliding over Oludeniz.

Besides, canoeing, sailing, trekking on Lycian Way are some of other activities in Kas.

kaş antik tiyatro

Antiphellos was port city of Lycian. Important ruins are sarcophagi and ancient theater. You should see this amazing theatre.


Myra, an important Lycian city, was founded in Demre. St. Nicholas bishop. The name means “the place of the Great Mother Goddess”. Saint Nicholas, known as “Santa Claus” all over the world, was born here. Be sure that you visit Saint Nicolas Church and think about goodness that will win in the end.

Entrance fee is 20 TL – free to enter with museum card.

For explore other ancient cities around Kas, you can also read Ancient Cities of Fethiye.


Gombe is an ideal place to escape the summer heat. 60km north of Kas, the cool plateau of the Akdag Mountain is good for trekking.


For passengers who have a Schengen visa or stay in Kas for more than 4 days, small Greek island of Meis, 20 minutes away from Kas, can include your plans. You need Schengen visa for Meis, if you go with your documents, you can go to Meis Express Head Office and apply for Schengen by paying 60 euro.

Where to Eat?

bi lokma

Bi’lokma was nice local place that was operated by local houseviwes. The place is always clean and basically if you are looking for fresh seafood and Mediterranean appetizers, Bi’lokma is right place. Stuff is always nice and warm and menu has enough variaties for everyone. Don’t miss to try nice Turkish breakfast.

zaika melih

I know that it was strange to give suggestion such a restaurant for Mediterranean. However Zaika is one of the best examples of its own cuisine and it is not possible to go wrong to try any kebab and appetizers on its menu. Our favorite was roasted garlic and onion and also saslik kebab. It is always joyful place to get drunk after exhausting day.

If you have own/rent a car, it is worth to drive 49 km to visit Demre for Blue Crabs. It is delicious local seafood with taste of sea. Please don’t forget that it is aphrodisiac and eat responsibly. 😉

How Can We Get Kas?

You can fly into Antalya Airport or Dalaman Airport that is closest one. You can come to Kas from both airport by rental car or taxi.

If you come from Dalaman Airport, you must first come to Fethiye with HAVAS services and then you have to go by buses of Bati Antalya Company. Click for HAVAS hours.

If you come from Antalya Airport, you must first come to the bus station. From here you have to go by buses of Bati Antalya Company.

Almost all major cities have direct buses to Kas.

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