Ancient Cities of Fethiye

Rock tombs

If you say that you love to visit historical places, you like to see the places where the torrent of civilizations created in the time tunnel, come here 🙂  We are going on a historic journey in Fethiye where is the land of lights.

Fethiye is located on the site of the ancient city of Telmessos. In Roman period, it is called “Makri (Megri)“, meaning far-land. In 1934, its name replaced to Fethiye to commemorate Fethi Bey who is one of our martyr pilots.


If you think about it, building and voices make a city what it is. And that includes buildings and voices that are no longer there. Every city is a voiceful city. And that’s it.” 

Cees NOOTEBOOM, All Souls Day

Paspatur Bazaar

Paspatur Bazaar

This area is called Old Fethiye. You can find local clothes, jewelry, spices, fresh fruits and vegetable. You should try snow syrup.

Following up bazaar, fish market greets you. Situated in a small square, choose your fish or seafood from a vendor in the middle.  Then just take it ten or twenty meters to a nearby restaurants who cook it and serve it with fresh salad.

There are dozens of venues where live music is available, especially after dinner, where you can have a drink in here.

Fethiye Museum

Fethiye museum
Inside of Fethiye Museum
Fethiye Museum figure

You can see many artifacts which are sculptures, ceramic, glass and metal objects from ancient times to Byzantium.

Entrance fee is 5 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Castle of Fethiye

In this castle, which are presumed to belong to the knights of St. John’s, there are writings engraved on the wall. Also, there is a cistern in here.

Amynthas Rock Tomb

Rock Tombs

Tombs that are carved into the rock, is one of the rare ruins from Lycian.

Entrance fee is 5 TL – free to enter here with museum card.



Kayakoy, Former name Levissi, is an old Greek village. Its history dates back to 3000 BC. This Greek settlement was founded on Karmylassos that is one of ancient Lycia remains.It was vibrant region where ten thousand people live till 1923. It has been empty for many years after abandonment with exchange.

Kayakoy Church

It is quite charming with empty streets and stone buildings. They are silent witness of a lost past. Today some of them have been restored and converted into boutiques and art houses. Be sure to visit inside of the houses. If you have enough power, church is on the top of hill.

Entrance fee is 5 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Telmessos Ancient City

Rock Tombs
Telmessos Theatre

The name of Fethiye is Telmessos in antiquity.

This ancient theater which overlooks the yacht harbor, was used as an arena during the Byzantine period. Nowadays, the theater where the cultural activities take place, has a capacity of 2500 people.

Entrance fee is 5 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Xanthos Ancient City


Xanthos, 46 km from the center of Fethiye, is known as the largest administrative center of the Lycian. In the Lycian language Xanthos means yellow.

Xanthos Ruins

Unfortunately, there are not many artifacts in the city that can be seen today, because of that Xanthos has witnessed many bloody battles and important historical events. When the Xanthos, who heroically defended their cities in the Persian invasion, realized that they could not prevent the invasion, and they killed all women and their children first, and after the city burned and they collectively suicide.

Entrance fee is 10 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Pinara Ancient City

Pinara Ancient City

Pinara is located around the village of Minare, 45 km from the center of Fethiye. The ancient city that is built on rounded hill, is named “Pinar” or “Pinara”, meaning round in the Lycian language.

It is known as the place where the first beauty contests were made. There is a temple which is dedicated to Aphrodite, is one of the unique artifacts.

Entrance fee is 5 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Tlos Ancient City

Tlos ancient city

The ancient city of 45 km to Fethiye, dates back to 2000 BC. It was sport center of Lycia.  It is known as the oldest town of Lycia region where believed that Pegasus and Bellephon live. 

Entrance fee is 8 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Letoon Ancient City

Letoon Ancient City
Letoon ancient city

Letoon is located around the village of Kumluova, 65 km from the center of Fethiye. It was religious center of Lycia.  According to the story of Poet Ovidius, there are three temples dedicated to Leto, Artemis and Apollo.

The theater of the Hellenistic period is among the structures that has reached to our present day. 

Entrance fee is 5 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Cadianda Ancient City

Cadianda ancient city

Cadianda is around located the village of Uzumlu, 18 km from the center of Fethiye. It is surrounded by walls. The theater leaning on the hillside still reflect the old glory, despite its demolition. 

Entrance fee is 5 TL – free to enter here with museum card.

Some Tip

Xanthos Ancient Theatre

We advise you to choose the time of the evening before the weather is dark when you are visiting Fethiye. Because it is not easy to visit so many places in the summer time.

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