Yes, We’re Flying! Paragliding over Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz

Leave yourself to arms of endless sky from 1960 meters and fly by watching bird-eye view of Oludeniz. There is no better place for that. Yes, I am talking about paragliding.

Amazing view of Oludeniz

Thanks to ideal weather conditions, the Mt.Babadag and the gorgeous white sand and turquoise blue water beach, Oludeniz is Turkey’s top destinations for tandem paragliding and one of the top places in the world for this sport.

Let’s Fly

Driving up to Babadag

We arrived the top of Mt.Babadag that is highest mountain of Fethiye by driving up the narrow, winding road. Atmosphere is terrific, view is fantastic and oxygen is abundant on the top.

On the top of Babadag
We're waiting other people fly

After being introduced to the pilots who was going to tandem fly with us, we were given a jacket to fly in – it was a cold morning – and a helmet. We had to wait other people took off for a while. And of course, we were nervous. Melih took off before me. After him, my pilot (Tugrul Yilmaz) asked me to start running and, within seconds, we were in the air.

On the air

Once in the air, I calmed down and became much more relaxing. I was flying! The take-off was easier than I thought.

Paragliding is awesome

I had a lovely chat in the air with my pilot regarding his experiences and his upcoming plans. He was very professional. He showed me control the glider and turn the glider. I controlled them a while, it was unique experience.

Controlling paraglide
Flying with sun

I asked acrobatics – I saw before and I wondered- and he began to adjust his control over the parachute and we began to spiral downwards – the blue lagoon beneath me spinning out of control. It was fun. But it made me dizzy. By the way, doing it reduces slightly the duration of being in the air.

Be ready for departing

Several minutes later, back to flying peacefully through the air. We landed on Belcekiz Beach. Glad to be safe on solid ground, I sat on the beach and waiting for Melih to come in to land.

Mission is completed

There’s no words to describe what it feels. It was absolutely breathtaking experience of flying over such incredible landscape was an amazing experience – one we’ll never forget.

Would I do paragliding again? Yes

The feels of paragliding is fantastic.

Maybe one day I take training and try solo paragliding. Why not? It is still my bucket list 🙂

If you want to explore Fethiye not just sky but also ground, you can find Fethiye Travel Guide and Ancient Cities of Fethiye.

Some Tips

View of Oludeniz from above

We paid 180 TL each to paraglide – this should include all gear, pick up from Oludeniz area and also we paid for extra 120 TL for getting the photographs and videos. They don’t let you take camera unfortunately of anything with a risk of falling.

That’s the time of the season in Oludeniz, from April to October. When the season is over, my pilot continue paragliding in New Zealand according to what he said. That’s actually a pretty cool job.

If you are a professional paraglider, Babadag is a great place for it. You should know, tandem paragliders has priority.

Don’t forget to take sunglasses and sneakers with you.

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