Stay with Love Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir is the city that keeps hints of many civilizations. Different cultures and believes have been merged here. This land is the place that Turkish, Kurdish, Syriac and Armenian people live together.


The city of civilizations Diyarbakir has shocked with grieves in recent years. Not only Diyarbakir, also we are. What is the reason for all these things? Money, – if we say that wars are feed by money. Houses, buildings can be repaired, but those what are happened are hard to forget. 

Diyarbakir is the city that was born from ashes of Mt. Karacadag. It is a silent volcano in west of Diyarbakir. The city locates on basalt rocks that is created by Mt. Karacadag, even city walls are built with these stones. Not only city walls, but also all monumental structures, mosques, churches and other structures…

surdaki kalp figürü

City walls that are 9000 years old, comes after The Great Wall with regards to length and width. They are on UNESCO World Heritage list. The walls not only preserve historical wealth, but also hides the poverty.

Take a Tour of Streets in Historical Old City Center

hasan paşa hanı
hasan paşa

Hasan Pasa Han is very impressive and nice place to taste menengic coffee that is unique in this region. I can say I really love this coffee – I’m drinking right now 🙂

Don’t skip the breakfast, if you are there at early hours of the day. Han is calm place to stay long hours with its nice inside garden at every time of the day.

If you have the time, you should also visit the Suluklu Han.

deliler hanı, diyarbakir

Deliller Han, built in 1527, is one of the important caravanserais of Diyarbakir.

ulu cami

Ulu Mosque, used as a temple in pagan period, was built as a church during the Roman period. In 639, the city was transformed into a mosque. It is known as one of the oldest mosques of Anatolia.

cahit sıtkı müzesi
cahit sıtkı müzesi

If sun of Diyarbakir has burned you, you can rest in garden of Cahit Sitki Taranci Museum. The Museum has same architecture and shows good contrast of black and white. (Cahit Sitki Taranci is Turkish writer and poet.)

ermeni klisesi

Surp Giragos is Armenian church, estimated to have been built in the 16th century. 

meryem ana klisesi

One of the other churchs in Diyarbakır is Meryem Ana Kadim Church,  is Orthodox Church of Syriac.

Near Other Places

10 gözlü köprü

Ten Eyed Bridge, one of important historical structures in Diyarbakir.

Hevsel Gardens on the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the places worth seeing.

malabadi, diyarbakir

Malabadi Bridge is located on the Batman River near Silvan.

gazipaşa, diyarbakir

Gazi Pasa Museumis worth seeing with the view of Dicle River, Hevsel Gardens, Kirklar Mountains and the Ten-eyed Bridge.


The ancient city of Cayonu is located 65 kilometers north of Diyarbakir. Remains are exhibited at the Diyarbakır Archaeological Museum.

sevgi anıtı

We hope that we live in peace in world. All we need is love. Stay with love Diyarbakır.

A poetry of Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı

I want a country

Let the sky be blue, the bough green, the cornfield yellow

Let it be a land of bird and flowers

I want a country

Let there be no pain in the head, no yearning in the heart

Let there be an end to brothers’ quarrels

I want a country

Let there be no rich and poor, no you and me

On winter days let everyone have hose and home

I want a country

Let living be like loving from the heart

If there must be complaint, let it be of death          “

Don’t Miss to Try

♣ Drink cold liquorice sorbet on the streets

♣ Freshen up Juicy local watermelons

♣ Rest with Local Coffee Types

♣ Buy Traditional scarf: Pouch

♣ Eat Delicious Liver Grills Umut Cigercisi

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♣ Eat Ribs Stuffed at Selim Amca

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♣ Breakfast at Hasanpasa Han

   Hasan Pasa Hani Location

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