Must Eat Foods at South East Turkey

Welcome to the region of Turkey that is famous with heavy and tasty desert and heaven for meatlovers. Always be ready to gain some extra weights at every visit and enjoy Turkish couisine that is fusion of Far East, Middle East and Anatolia.


Classical Turkish Breakfast

If we started to count the all eats at Turkish breakfast, it would never finished. It is starting show of turkish delicacy. However main ingredients that must be in daily base is variaty of local cheese, olive, Turkish sausage, bread, fresh fruits and vegetables, menemen (Turkish style omlette), honey, jams and black tea without exception.

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Beyran Soup (Yes, it is breakfast)

It is very common (Especially in city Gaziantep) dish at South-East of Turkey. Pre-cooked lamp meat in oven is shredded by hand and combined  with steamed rice. As final stage heated into seasoned spicy gravy.

Commonly served with freshly baked hot local pita bread, green hot pepper adn lemon slices.

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Other you should consider;

Grilled liver is also common breakfast at winter times. Worth to try.

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Hummus roll or served with vegatables and olive oil is very similar traditional food for breakfast as an affect of arabic population of area.

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Rest of the Day

Variety of Grilled Lamp Meat

Meat choice of local people are alwasy lamp. Agriculture is dominant business of this area and lamps mainly feed with natural herbs at mountains especially at spring times. This change the flavor of the meat and add extra notes to their tastes. Therefore anykind of grillled or ovened meats is always good choice for lunch and dinner. Don’t forget to order fresh green salads and spicy local apetizers. They will help to ballance the heavy, faty but delicious meats.

Vegans and Vegeterans don’t get upset, apetizers are commonly great vegeteran foods and also you have option as Cigkofte.

Basically it is made with crushed wheat, pomegranate, lemon juice, hot pepper and spices. That simple ingredients creates sophisticated taste.



Baklava is the one of famous desert in Turkey and actually you are able to find anywhere in Turkey. But if you are looking for best samples, southeasth region is right place to find. Simply they prepare the thin layer of dough and  stuff with crunched pistachio (sometimes walnut) betwen layers  and after they cooked in owen, added sugar syrup on top o fit. The difference of baklava at this region is additional ingredients:  butter and kaymak (clotted cream). This adds perfect smell of butter and and makes baklava crispy from outside and melty from inside.

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Kunefe is another desert served with sugar syrup that is a sweet pastry with a texture similar to that of shredded wheat and stuffed with unsalted local cheese. It is time to forget cheesecake and open new era with kunefe.

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It is very similar to baklava as ingredients but it has only one top and one bottom layer of dough and has no sugar syrup. That makes it lighter sweet than any kind of sugary syrup deserts.

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