Sanliurfa, City Where Everything Starts

pool of abraham

We landed to Sanliurfa GAP Airport with amazing Ataturk Dam view. It was June and weather was very hot. Too hot.

atatürk dam

Sanliurfa is uncommon place. This is the land where man made his first temple, settled down and cultivated lands, in other words, place where everything starts.

Sanliurfa is home of different and colorful cultures. It has still soul and is alive. It is the city of temples, churches and mosques. The smell of the middle age is still felt while wandering around the bazaars, city of thousands years legend. Here is the city of prophet.

Sanliurfa continues to make live a tale that the roots were very old.

Name of the Tale, Balikli Gol (Pool of Abraham)


Legend says that; the fire, to burn the prophet Abraham, has turned into a lake and the firewood turned into fish that live in the lake today. It is believed that these carp fishes are sacred.

There is no entrance fee for Pool of Abraham.

Zero Point of Time, Gobeklitepe


The list of places to see in Sanliurfa is long, but there is a certain number one. Gobeklitepe that has ancient ruins of the world’s first temple, has changed true known of today about human history.

Facts about Gobeklitepe;

♠ First and biggest  temple of human history with 20 others at same area,

♠ 7500 years older than pyramids,

♠ Every clan who visited the temple has own animal figures that is emossed to temple columns,

♠ First wheat agriculture was made on these hills,

♠ Six beer barrels was fount at temple. Brewing was the reason that they grow first wheat, not for bread. Very kind historical humans. 🙂

♠ Gobeklitepe also proves that people settled down not for agriculture, it was the passion to be near to the temples.

Sanliurfa Mosaic and Archeology Museum

Haleplibahce Mosaic Museum of Sanliurfa is home of the world’s most valuable mosaics.

It is pretty close to Pool of Abraham. Don’t miss to see.

Sanliurfa Archaelogy Museum keeps the artifacts of the excavations around the city. First stop in the museum is Paleolithic age. It is shown hunting man and how make a fire. Later, Neolithic age, most featured historic artifacts are from Gobeklitepe and Nevali Cori. You can see respectively Chalcolithic Age that is famous for trade, Bronze Age that has artifacts from Lidar Hoyuk and Iron Age that has artifacts are made from basalt.

Bowls made from clays is the first examples of minimum wage. Slaves had worked on heavy duty jobs and got grains as their daily incomes inside of these bowls. Portion doesn’t look too diffeent from today.

Entrance fee of museum is 8 TL, or you can enter free with museum card.

Despite of hot weather in Sanliurfa, the city where shelters the mosaics and Gobeklitepe impressed me very much.  The cultures and civilizations which are hidden in the lands of this city are waiting to come to light. I don’t know what you think about that, but seeing them excites me.

The other thing that excites me is sunset. It is time to leave this city where we have the opportunity to stay very short, accompanied by beautiful sunset view.

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