The Best Desserts Around The World and Recipes


Smores Cookie CakeIt was only a few years ago that I finally tried a S’more – typically a popular camp food in Northern America. The mixture of gooey marshmallows, warmed chocolate and savoury biscuit is a real treat – but I bet that you’ll love this S’mores skillet cookie cake even more!

Get the recipe: S’mores Skillet Cookie Cake

Portuguese Tarts

Portuguese_Tarts_RecipeAnyone who has EVER been to Lisbon, Portugal, will know what I mean when I say these desserts are n-e-x-t l-e-v-e-l. Best served warm and with a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, I think these might be my all time favourite sweet snack. This recipe comes incredibly close to the originals on offer at Pastel de Belem just outside of Lisbon.

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All American Brownies Recipe | World of Wanderlust

I wasn’t always a huge fan of brownies if I’m honest, until I started to play around with the recipe to find a taste and texture that suited my own palette. You can’t really go wrong with brownies no matter what you do, however I do suggest tweaking this classic American recipe to suit your own tastes – for me that means the richer the better!

Get the recipe: All-American Brownie Bites



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 As the name suggests, Belgian waffles come from Belgium and are a common street snack throughout the country. The buttery treats are best when eaten warm and topped with powdered sugar or Nutella.

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Russians are particularly fond of syrniki, a pancake that is made out of quark — a fresh dairy product made from cheese that has a texture similar to sour cream. The pancakes are then fried and served with jam, apple sauce, sour cream, or honey.

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Gelato (Ice cream)

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The streets of Italy are lined with restaurants selling gelato, an Italian version of ice cream that is more like soft-serve than traditional American ice cream. Gelato comes in a wide variety of flavors, including raspberry, pistachio, rum, and chocolate.

Get the recipe: Blueberry Butter Cookie Gelato


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One of Turkey’s specialties, baklava, consists of phyllo dough layered between a mixture of chopped nuts. The squares are held together by syrup or honey.

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Crème brûlée

Crème brûlée is a favorite dessert all over France. It contains rich, creamy custard topped with a layer of hard, crunchy caramel that is just slightly browned.
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Desserts with Benefits

Get the Tiramisu recipe by Desserts with Benefits


Chocolate Chip Cookies With Nutella, Brown Butter And Sea Salt

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